High-Concept Statement

So here is the High-Concept Statement for The Depths of Trivium.


The player takes control of a young witch/wizard who desires to explore the continent in a thirst for knowledge and adventure. The protagonist is driven by their need to uncover the disappearance of their parents and the desire to live free like their parents.

The player clicks through a visual novel style interface progressing through the story until certain plot route choices are reached. At these plot route choices, the player will choose an option and the story will progress down the chosen route. After the player, has made it through the first ark (Prologue) of the game the player will have access to a world map and multiple locations. Starting in act two the player will be able to explore the world and certain locations. At certain locations combat, will happen in which the player will be able to use basic spells and allies to defeat enemies and gain experience and items. Once the player has gained enough experience to level up a certain number of levels custom spell creation will become available. From that point the game will move into act three where the locations the player explores will affect the story line and abilities of the character. The game will conclude in fourth act with a climax based on the choices made during the previous acts.

The game is meant to evoke a feeling of adventure and creativity. Allowing the player to explore the world and create their own spells. The spell creation itself is a unique and key feature of this game. Being able to take elements, spell magnitude, and spell shape to create unique spell allows players immerse themselves into world and the character.